ULTRAWORKS is a multi-disciplinary design unit based in outer space. We are good at combining avant design language with radical ideas to create utterly unique design experience.

ULTRAWORKS 是一隊多元的設計團隊;我們善於結合前衛的設計語言與新鮮的意念,為大家帶來獨特的設計體驗。

Our Mission

ULTRAWORKS loves every element of the universe. We put great effort into studying the history of the space exploration and transforming these inspirations into our design. What we truly concern is how to spice up our lives and improve our living quality.

每天都有很多創意隕石撞進生活裡,ULTRAWORKS 就是要發現這些碎片,並透過設計將其整合成令人意想不到的作品。我們只想地球人活得更好玩,活得更有品質。

Contact Us 聯繫我們

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